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Follow the chaotic but hilarious life of Stella Morris (Ruth Jones), a single ex divorcee making a living from doing the locals of Pontyberry (South Wales) washing and ironing. Aside from her day job she has a hectic personal life, from ex-husbands, new lovers, and ‘larger than life’ friends she has a lot to deal with. With her son Luke (Craig Gallivan) in prison, her teenage daughter Emma (Catrin Stewart) who refuses to do what’s best for her and her little boy Ben (Justin Davies) who still needs his mam, Stella doesn’t want for distractions. But when Emma reveals some shocking news, Stella’s world gets tipped upside down. She’s not on her own though because Stella’s world is peopled with a selection of odd-ball friends and relatives always ready to help her out, from ex-husband Karl (Julian Lewis Jones) and his vacuous girlfriend Nadine (Karen Paullada), to love-lorn lollipop man Alan (Steve Speirs) and her best friend Paula – the functioning alcoholic undertaker. And then of course, there’s the gorgeous Sean …

“Littered with classic Ruth Jones observations and superb characters… one of the best comedy writers and performers of her generation…” The Sun

“Genuinely hilarious… Jones has got the knack for naturally funny dialogue” Daily Telegraph

“Stella draws you in to its warm, quirky world” The Guardian